First week-ish in Boston (things I’ve noticed and learned

Here are some things I’ve learned, noticed, and experienced since I got to Boston (in no particular order!).

The city of Boston is incredible.

The T is the only real way to get around. AKA subway

Crosswalks don’t matter (just like downtown Columbus)

Tons of beautiful buildings and architecture.

It is rare to meet someone with a Boston accent. In fact, most people you will meet in the city aren’t originally from Boston. Lots of tourists.

The people are genuine. They aren’t going to put on a fake smile.

Despite stereotypes, people aren’t cold and rude. Most people are nice, but you have to earn their trust. Also, people are willing to talk about spiritual matters.

Meeting someone with a Phd or high level of education is commonplace.

Social justice issues are huge. Abortion isn’t a big deal here, but gay marriage is for a completely different reason.

There is no church culture and there are no fake Christians, because it’s not cool to be a Christian. In fact, you might be looked down upon for being a Christian.

The most successful churches are a few hundred people. Most church plants aren’t self sustaining. They have to have support from other organizations and churches.

Since I got to Boston I have noticed a heaviness in the city and a definite need for the gospel. But I have also met lots of people that are intelligent and are seeking for the truth.

Now you might be wondering, “What the heck is Drew doing in Boston?” That’s a good question, considering I was asking the same thing before I got here. The whole point of this trip is to live life on a mission. I am in a group with 29 others, who are split up into 4 teams. Each team has been assigned a community slightly outside of the city. Every Mon-Wed and Fri-Sat, we go into the community and look for opportunities to serve, build relationships, share the gospel, etc. Basically all the things that we are called to do is Christians, but I am getting to do it full time because my meals and housing are paid for. At the end of my time I will write out a prospectus for a church planter, so that he has a good idea of what to expect and how a church could serve the community (Everett, Ma).

That being said, I covet your prayers during this time. This has been an interesting, scary, exciting, and unbelievable experience all at the same time. For most of you that know me, this is a challenging experience that is out of my comfort zone. I have experienced struggles in getting to know my team and putting my self out there, but i have also experienced the love of Christ from an awesome group of Jesus followers. I can definitely see this time not just as a cool missions experience, but as a time of huge spiritual growth.

Thank you friends and family for the continued support!

First week-ish in Boston (things I’ve noticed and learned